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Friday, February 3, 2012

From Moscow With Love

In addition to the 50 mph winds that are blowing, France and much of Europe is being touched by the Moscou Paris, or the massive freezing air current that travels west from Siberia.  It doesn’t happen often, so discussion about it is limited, but it has brought low teens and single digit temperatures to our normally mild-weathered village. It sits over the country, bringing snow and record cold to all the regions, and it’s even touched Italy and Turkey, closing down airports and causing major traffic chaos.
 Meterologists say the Moscou-Paris is a strong air current that is somewhat difficult to predict.  They are not too sure how long it will stay.  The Acores air current, which comes from the Atlantic, and bring sun and warm weather to most of France, is not strong enough to push the cold air westward.
            In February 1956, the Moscou-Paris arrived in France and stayed for a month.  The Seine in Paris was frozen and snow was seen as far south as Provence.  For now, meterologists are thinking the cold air will stay until next week, but, that depends on which one you speak to.  Some have giving up on any predictions and say it’s here to stay for a while.

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