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Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday’s Leftovers: Easter Sunday

Monday’s Leftovers is a periodical series that recaps the moments of a Sunday lunch. Easter is a particularly special lunch, filled with traditional dishes and rituals. Les Cloches Volants were particularly generous, hiding a small fortune of milk and dark chocolate in the garden.

Aperitif: Rafale, Chardonnay, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 2011
First Course: Smoked Salmon stuffed Sole, Potimarron, Lime Confit with Mâche
Main Course: Braised Leg of Lamb, Flageolet beans with Grilled Button Mushrooms served in a Homemade Tomato Coulis
Dessert: Boston Cream Pie

Family arrived to help celebrate the holiday. It was too cold to enjoy the aperitif in the garden as the sun dodged in and out of the clouds. Eventually, it disappeared altogether and it began to rain and to hail. A quick dash outside was required to close the greenhouse to protect the seedlings from the pounding weather. Once back inside, I warmed myself in front of the wood heater as it chased away the dampness trying to creep its way inside.

Lunch started with seasonal flare: mâche, a springtime salad. This was followed lamb, a both traditional and symbolic dish. Braised for nine hours, it was graced with a very personal touch: homemade tomato coulis from last year’s garden. Pleased with the dessert I never made before, Boston Cream Pie, I determined it was worth the work and nine eggs to create it. As the afternoon hours weaned, we finished the meal with the joyousness the holiday celebrates, and a ray of sun broke its way out from under the cloud signaling the change of weather and the promise of new life in spring.


  1. That menu sounds scrumptious! My belle-mere served us leg of lamb as well, but unfortunately, no Boston cream pie ;-)

    1. Sara, your story sounds like mine. I can get you that Boston Cream Pie recipe if you like - including all the French substitutions!