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Lynn Deasy is a freelance writer, author, foodie, and garden tinkerer. She lives in a 600 year old house in southern France with her husband, Christophe. Currently, she is looking for a literary agent for her memoir CA VA? STORIES FROM RURAL LIFE IN SOUTHERN FRANCE which examines the oddities of French provincial living from an outsider’s point of view through a series of adventures that provide more than a fair share of frustration, education, admiration, and blisters…. yes, lots and lots of blisters. Lynn blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday's Leftovers: Summer Sizzle

In France, Sunday lunches are sacred.  They are a time for family and friends to gather together, put the work week on hold, and come back to the table to the things that inspire.  Monday’s Leftovers is a periodical series that recaps those moments, the lunches, and the memories that are left long after the dishes are done.
Tartare de saumon fumé, réduction de vinaigre balsamique
It’s been nothing but hot and dry.  I woke up sweating.  Summer is pulling out all the stops, so there was no way the oven was going to get turned on.  This 600 year old house didn’t come equipped with air-conditioning and it’s difficult to keep cool in the summer.  The vegetable garden is not starting to produce in amble abundance, so pulling together a chilled entrée has become much easier.  After coffee, I tried to take advantage of the morning and worked in the garden.  Christophe dove into the fridge not knowing what I had bought at the market and turned out a feast. 
Music: Edith Piaf and The Blues Brothers.  A stark contrast, but we danced to that five years ago, so it only seemed appropriate.

Aperitif: Alfred Rothschild et Co. Brut Champagne, Grande Reserve

First Course: Smoked Salmon with Cucumber and Capers and a Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Main Course: Grilled Duck Breast, Marinated in Muscat de Rivesaltes and Rosemary, Garden Vegetables sautéed with Blue d’Auvergne cheese

Magret de canard mariné au Muscat de Rivesaltes et au romarin, sauté du légumes au bleu d’Auvergne