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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday’s Leftovers: Civet de Lapin

In France, Sunday lunches are sacred.  They are a time for family and friends to gather together, put the work week on hold, and come back to the table to the things that inspire.  We participate in this ritual that allows us to spend time together and reflect upon our good fortune.  Monday’s Leftovers is a periodical series that recaps those moments, the lunches, and the memories that are left long after the dishes are done. 

Getting back into our regular routines after the holidays have never been easy, but the cold I am convinced I caught on the airplane is making the transition particularly difficult today.  I drag myself out of bed, but Christophe has been up for over an hour preparing lunch.  An inviting perfume wafts from the direction of the oven: rabbit.  He waits until I have my coffee and the fog clears from my head before putting on music: “Sex Machine: The Very Best of James Brown”.  I slowly wake up and get moving with the Godfather of Soul.
After a few quick chores, I find myself back in the kitchen, just as Christophe is pulling the civet de lapin out of the oven.  Its delicate sauce is inviting and I cannot help but to grab a spoon for a quick taste.
            “What do you think?”  Christophe asks with anticipation.
            I smile and he grins back.  “It’s awesome.”
We sit down at the table, like we have so many Sundays, and restart our weekly ritual for the year.  The day starts to feel familiar as I settle into my spot, back against the wall, facing Christophe.  It’s good to know some routines are easy to fall back into.
First Course: Hand-Made Crab Rolls with Napa Cabbage and a Spicy Soy Sauce
Main Course: Braised Rabbit in a Red Wine – Shallot Sauce, Carrots, Olives, and Rice

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