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Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday’s Leftovers: Autumnal Lunch

In France, Sunday lunches are sacred.  They are a time for family and friends to gather together, put the work week on hold, and come back to the table to the things that inspire.  We participate in this ritual that allows us to spend time together and reflect upon our good fortune.  Growing up, my family also had our Sunday brunches, so coming back to this tradition is a welcomed addition to my weekend.  Monday’s Leftovers is a periodical series that recaps those moments, the lunches, and the memories that are left long after the dishes are done. 

Monday’s Leftovers: Autumnal Lunch

Ahh… the real fall has returned.  Not that the rain and afternoon fog are not real, in fact, they are quite typical autumnal weather, but I’m referring to the fall weather that lets us sit outside, count the leaves as they fall for the pear tree, and enjoy the changing of the season.  The morning was filled with seasonal chores such as racking leaves and preparing to bring the potted plants inside.  The yearly, “clean-up to close-up” move has started as summer gear is moved into the basement.  Christophe will complain about the clutter for months and only be happy again when everything is moved back outside – next summer.  Until then, I ignore the complaints.

Inside, Christophe is working on clearing out the freezer, so he dove in and found some rouget filets and a bag of stewing beef that dates back to God knows when.  He attacked one of the butternut squash before I could snap their group photo, but he came up with a dish that brought together many products of the season: mushrooms, squash, and grapes from last week’s vendanges. 
Boeuf de saison à l’échalotte et aux champignons, velouté de butternut et ses raisins.
Stewed beef with shallots and mushroom, butternut velouté, white grapes.
I do this everytime! I eat first and then remember I need to take a photo!
Rougets fillet in rouille.

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