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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Courge Report

Even after a summer of chasing a fox out of the garden, we had a pretty good courge or squash harvest.  We lost one potimarron plant to the animal’s digging, but the rest made it through the intruder’s nightly drama.  In addition, we planted butternut.  It’s growing in popularity in France and Christophe discovered it the first time a few years ago on our annual return to Chicago.  He was thrilled we finally were able to add it to the garden.

All in all, we have 12 potimarrons, and two more are still ripening in the garden.  Christophe already used one butternut squash, but 12 remain.  In total, we have 31 pounds of potimarron and 28 pounds of butternut – then a friend gave us a pumpkin from his garden which is the ballpark of 20 pounds.  It doesn’t take a math degree to see we have over 70 pounds of squash – the birth weight of a baby hippo.

I can see the Forest Gump-like jokes coming on: squash soup, squash bread, curry squash, sweet and sour squash, squash and squash cookies, the list can get pretty long.  So, bring it on – I’ve got 70 pounds of squash to cook with and can use a few more recipes.

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