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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Change in the Weather

You don't need to understand French to know what this means.

            I guess I cannot complain about the rain we’re getting.  It’s seasonal and we appear to be out of the danger zone.  Just east of us, in Montpellier, the equivalence of three months of rain few within two day and today’s weather is projected to be pinnacle of the storm.
            Christophe grew up in that city and he remembers the torrential downpours as an almost annual event.  It’s a cause by the air warming and being trapped just inland from the Mediterranean Sea - or something like that.  I’m not a meteorologist; I just watch them on TV.
            It’s stunning and frightening to see how quickly it all happens.  We watched footage of a street getting flooded within minutes.  In Montpellier, a city of 400,000 inhabitants, some public transportation has stopped running and schools are closed.  Parts of the city have shut down.
            The autumn weather here is rather precarious and treated with more hesitation than the winter months.  It can rapidly change dry, sunny days into grey, water logged hours that paralyze, albeit temporarily, one of the largest cities in France.  

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