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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Major Construction

For the next few months, the village is expected to be under major construction.  On any given day, there is a semi-trailer, 2 trucks, a backhoe, and a type of heavy haul trailer with a machine powered jackhammer attachment. 
The village is burying all its electrical and phone lines.  Nowadays, everyone starts a conversation with, “It will be nice….. when the work is done”, and it will be.  But until then, we deal with the construction, the giant holes in the ground, and the growing piles of dirt and rock that has accumulated since the digging has started. 
Construction began about 3 weeks ago and to date, two water lines have been busted, 3 walls broken, and the main phone cable coming into the village was missed by inches of being pulled free from its post by a distracted worker.  And, the workers haven’t gotten to the hardest part of the job yet- the village square, which happens to be our front yard.
            The ground under the square is zigzagged with water and sewer pipes along with control values to shut off water to a household in any given emergency.  There are growing bets of what mishap might happen next.  We’re getting nervous, and saying more and more, “It will be nice….when the work is done.”
            I just hope we get there soon, without a giant geyser springing forth in front of our house.

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  1. Oh dear - Good luck Lynn!! Fingers crossed for stable walls and no geysers! ~Megan