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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving leftovers

            It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a holiday we celebrated on Saturday, and we have no leftovers.  The gravy is gone, the turkey is completely eaten, and even the stock I made was finished last night.  There is zero chance of me serving turkey tomorrow. 
“How can that be?”  You might ask.  “Thanksgiving leftovers usually stick around until days before Christmas.”
Ah, yes, the late night turkey sandwich, turkey tetrazzini, turkey a la king, and even turkey inspired casseroles are all memories of meals I’ve eaten after Thanksgiving.  We will be having none of that because this is France.  There are no 20 pound turkeys; our weighed in at a hearty 7 pounds.  That’s right, just 7 pounds, and we were 6 at the table for Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s not as if we searched out a small turkey, they all come that way.  In fact, I think we even bought the largest one we could find.  Sigh…even the turkeys are skinner here.
This is quite a contrast to my Thanksgiving memories.  In some sense, having a small turkey does make things easier, but leftovers also seem to be part of the Thanksgiving tradition and nothing is easier than having dinner ready and in the fridge for the following week.  This is sadly, something Frenchgiving cannot provide.
So, to those who have not dived into the plateful of holiday goodness, enjoy the day, the games, the parade, and long naps.

Happy Thanksgiving, and save some leftovers for me.

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